Yes there are differences, let us tell you now…

Some of you may or may not know there are differences between these two in terms of production, price and exclusivity. Let us go through the differences of these 2 categories.

All bags are in the current season collections and are currently in the boutique. You can find boutiques in big malls or high street.

Outlet bags comes in few categories. You can find them in outlets like JPO (Johor Premium Outlets) or overseas outlet such as Bicester Village Outlet, UK. Outlet bags have a significant price reduction, around 30% or even more during sale like Summer sale or Christmas sale.

Types of outlet bags…

Any bags that are made especially for outlet is called outlet exclusive bags. They are not available in the boutique. Their prices are much lesser but the quality is of course, the same.

They are made in countries like Turkey, Romania or China. This is because of the lower labor cost. Boutique bags are mostly made in France, Italy or Spain. Brands like Gucci, Furla or Tod’s use this concept for most of their outlet products.

Some brands are just focusing on off season boutique bags in order to sell at much lower price in the outlets. They don’t produce outlet exclusive. All of their bags are lower in price but not as low as outlet exclusive bags. This is because there are all still made in premium European countries like Italy or France. Furthermore, the quantities are really limited. Brands like Dior and Loewe are using this concept

Premium luxury such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes is not available in outlet at all. They maintain their exclusivity and they target high class customers. They don’t even have any sale for all of their luxuries with special exception of some accesories or small items

So there you go! hope this knowledge helps!!

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