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Tote bags and handbags, what makes them different?

Aren’t tote bags handbags too?

To answer the questions you have, we prepared this ul-tote-mate guide for you. Puns!

What’s in the bag?

Oxford Dictionary has defined a tote bag as a large, unfastened bag with parallel handles at each side.

We would describe tote bags as simple and spacious. 

The innovation was made to replace disposable plastic bags with reusable shopping bags.

What is a tote bag made of?

Totes, like other bags, are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. 

Tote bags are made of a variety of materials depending on the design and purpose. 

The range includes sturdy cloths, canvas, leather, cotton, jute and even organic matters and recycled materials.

Handbag vs Tote Bag

When determining whether a bag is a handbag or a tote bag, these should be taken into consideration:

1. The straps

Handbags usually have only one handle, but the number of handles whether it’s one or two doesn’t really matter. 

What matters is the accessibility that the strap(s) offer a wider and easier opening of the bag with an appropriate length of handles.

2. The interior

Handbags have more compartments in it whereas tote bags only have one slot.

Pockets and zippered are often always available in handbags, but always almost never with tote bags.

3. The material

When it comes to designing and creating a bag, there are endless fabrics to choose from. 

However, tote bags are often made of durable and hard-wearing materials with practicality in mind.

The two can be made of the same material but will express the different personality of the wearer. This is due to the design of the bag itself.

Which tote bag is the best?

Like handbags with a number of named designs or shapes, tote bags have their own too. 

Impressively, every tote bag design was made for its own purposes. 

We have short-listed 5 tote bags to get you tote-ally styled:

1. Market Tote 

tote bag

Market Totes, also called Shopper Bags, more often have only one slot and are unfastened. The long handles make carrying it comfortable. 

This makes it practical for carrying your groceries or your catch at the mall. 

This tote can also be worn when you’re out for a casual-chic outing, to the office, and formal day outings too, thanks to its chic-looking design! 

2. Utility Tote 

utility tote

Made of lambskin, it’s hard-wearing. There’s not for the look, but its performance is the money maker. We would call this the “Mothers Helper”. 

For the times you need to conveniently carry your baby essentials.

Even more for your daily or travel essentials, you’ll want to have this spacious bag around you. 

One can promise you a convenient and proper carrying.

3. Beach Tote

tote bag malaysia

What do we have at the beach? Yes, sand, water, sun… all those damaging elements for a bag. 

This is the bag for your beach or pool trip. It is resilient to wear and tear, waterproof and sand-proof so you can enjoy your trip not worrying about your bag at all! 

The woven texture makes it look like a basket, no harm in taking this for a picnic too, don’t you think?

4. Reversible Tote

tote bag
handbag malaysia

Looking for reversible tote bag Malaysia? You’ll need just one to look like you have bought two bags. It has an open top and the spacious design allows extra-capacity. 

The printed designs speak your personality, so its #wortheverypenny.

5. The Classic Canvas Tote

The dawning and the foundation of tote bags with this unfastened and opened top canvas bag. 

This is the bag that would pop up in our head when someone says “tote bags.”

Classic yet stylish, this canvas tote bag is most favored by teens and young adults.

This bag is suitable for casual purposes from going to school to the pool or even to the mall. 

There you have it- the five out of the many types of totes, for a more convenient yet stylish living.

Planning to buy a tote bag in Malaysia?

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Looking for more tote bag Malaysia?

Until next bag! 

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