OK let’s have a look some good brands from The UK!

Founded in 1856 by 21-year-old Thomas Burberry. Opened his own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. By 1870, the business had established itself by focusing on the development of outdoors attire. Originally focusing on waterproof trench coat before selling high end handbags Among the famous bags is Canterburry Haymarket Tote.

Founded by Anya Susannah Hindmarch. Their design philosophy is “British, humorous and personalised”. She made it globally with her famous ‘I’M NOT A PLASTIC BAG’ tote. Among the famous bags is Belvedere.

Stella Nina McCartney is an English fashion designer. She is a daughter of American animal rights activist Linda McCartney and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. Famous for the Falabella Bag.

Mulberry is a luxury fashion company founded in the United Kingdom in 1971, known internationally for its leather goods. Founded by Roger Saul. The brand and logo was inspired by the mulberry tree that he passed everyday near his home.

He worked as chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001, and founded his own fort Alexander McQueen label in 1992. McQueen died by suicide in 2010, at the age of 40, at his home in Mayfair, London.

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