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When comes to the fashion industry, Paris is known as a temple to luxury fashion and France brand, Longchamp has become one of their iconic brands along with its product, Le Pilage.

Jean Cassegrain is the first founder of the Longchamp who is responsible to build a company in the first place by selling accessories and a collection of purses.

Longchamp is a popular French luxury leather goods company, which has maintained momentum and energy across the decades.

However, there are things we probably do not know about the brand itself. 

Here is what you need to know about Longchamp bags:

Where are Longchamp Products Made?

longchamp malaysia brand

The Longchamp products produced originally in France and abroad, but mainly in their workshops which are located in the west of France, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Vendee and Orne.

The workshop located in Segre, in the Maine-et-Loire region of France, has produced the Longchamp’s handbags.

Nonetheless, they customized their ready-to-wear and shoes merely in France and Italy.

Longchamp in Malaysia

Longchamp Le Pliage, a brand product that still becomes one of the world’s most iconic bags which continues to allure people with their unforgettable designs especially to Malaysian people. 

Due to Longchamp’s timelessness popularity in Malaysia, they opened the 1,500 square feet boutique space in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. 

Today Longchamp Le Pliage family products are;

  • Longchamp handbags,
  • travel bags,
  • Longchamp purses,
  • Longchamp pouches,
  • backpacks,
  • crossbody bags,
  • Longchamp small bags,
  • document holders and Longchamp tote bags

They have different new faces and designs over the years because of their collaboration with various designers and artists. 

Despite the changes, the products remain true to their original roots and function.

19 Facts about Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

When you heard about Longchamp Le Pliage, the first thing that pops up in our head would be a bag.

The question is, do you even know about people’s favourite carrier – Le Pliage Bag?

Don’t worry, let me list out for you:

1) Le Pliage signifies ‘folding’ in French, suitably indicating the bag’s fold-up design in a particular trapezoidal shape, much like an envelope.

2) The son of Longchamp’s founder, Philippe Cassegrain constructed the first Le Pliage bag.

3) The primary reason for the brand’s smash hit as the best-selling item and become one of the world’s iconic handbags i its lightweight design, classic shape and wide range of styles and hues.

4) Le Pliage bag has a combination of Russia leather handles with a nylon canvas body and embroidered with the Longchamp logo, jockey on a horse – as a reference to the prominent Parisian racetrack in the Bois de Boulogne.

5) Despite the fame as the best-selling bag, Le Pliage is not the first handbag introduced by the brand. The Longchamp Xtra-bag was its antecedent, and way before that, Longchamp began as a business-selling pipe. 

6) In 2005, Longchamp started collaborating with Jeremy Scott for the limited edition. He remains the longest partner with the brand today. As for the 10th anniversary of their partnership, one of his famous designs for the brand features a postcard from Hollywood signed, ‘Wish you were here’.

7) To give a new look, Jeremy injects his distinctive pop culture impacts, influences and ideas into the signature Le Pliage design.

8) It is sold exceed 1,000 stores worldwide, with the largest market being in its nation country, France.

9) In 2012, Mary Katrantzou created exclusive prints for her take on the Le Pliage by referencing the elements of Vietnamese temple architecture and Thomas Heatherwick’s design for their Soho store, including orchids and lanterns.

10) In 2012, Longchamp started to introduce the first Le Pliage handbag in full leather feature and enter the Le Pliage Cuir Collection.

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11) In 2014, Longchamp unveiled the Le Pliage Heritage collection in conjunction with the bag’s 20th anniversary. The line features low-key tweaks to the original, including a slightly curved trompe-l’oeil, including a slightly curved trompe-l’oeil flap and handles.

12) It takes four hours to assemble the various leather to make up a single modest design Le Pliage Heritage bag. The line feature resembles the original one, includes a slightly curved Trompe-l’oeil flap and handles.

13) For Longchamp’s 20th anniversary with an artist, Sarah Morris, they created another Le Pliage capsule collection which features Sarah’s abstract artwork in vibrant colours.

14) The classic Le Pliage tote managed to reimagine in over 150 different hues and prints – due to many collaboration of Longchamp with the designers and artists. 

15) You can now personalise your own Le Pliage bag from model to colour, flap and handles, snap closure, shoulder strap and lining colour.

16) The brand claims that Le Pliage bag signifies to be unisex, not only carried by women. 

17) For its 25th anniversary, Longchamp is giving the line a casual, college-themed update, under the name Le Pliage Club.

18) The new Le Pliage Club design features the same signature nylon canvas with a flap and handles in Russian leather, but with a subtle interplay of colours. 

19) The embroidered Longchamp horses, the snap closure and the dyed edges now come in four clashing colourways: yellow on gunmetal grey, red on navy blue, orange on khaki and navy on garnet.

How Much is the Longchamp Le Pliage Bag?

The Longchamp Li Pliage is one of the most accessible bags sold by designer brands – more than 30 million bags have been sold!

Most celebrities and well-known people such as Kate Middleton carried Longchamp’s tote in the early aughts. There is a reason why Kate still carrying it. 

A deep dive nylon tote bag with a leather strap, various prints and colours, the best description of Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag for students, teens, young adults and everyone to carry it everywhere.

The students see this as a classic yet functional bag for them to fit their laptops, books and school supplies. It appeals to be among the affordable yet high-quality bags for teens and young adults to purchase.  

These Longchamp Le Pliage small tote bags’ price in Malaysia can start at RM520 and can go up to RM2,000.

Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Top Handle Small, Navy

Price: RM690.00

Material: Canvas with leather trim

Size: 25 x 23 x 16 cm

Clever folding design

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Small Tote

Price: RM1,090.00

Material: Leather

Size: 25 x 23 x 16 cm

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Large Tote

Price: RM1,490.00

Material: Leather

Size: 40 x 31 x 18 cm

Longchamp Le Pliage Lucky Shopper Handbag

Longchamp Le Pliage Lucky Shopper

Price: RM450.00

Material: Nylon with leather trim

Size: 46 x 27 x 20 cm

How will I know if Longchamp is original?

The demand for Longchamp bags is quite high in the market as it is a super practical carrier – thereby, more Copy Cats are drastically on their move to start copying stuff and make them as theirs. 

“Fraud! Scammer!”

Therefore, let me tell you how you can spot the difference between the original Longchamp bag and counterfeit Longchamp bag so that you would never get fooled.

Here is a super detailed guide to help you to spot a counterfeit Longchamp within a minute. 

It is a bit tricky!

1) The Tag

The bag that you buy should come with one of the white translucent tags with the correct manufacturing locations and style number on the inside.

The code is detailed – as they can tell you whether it is a real or fake bag with the sequence of numbers, the style, the model and the colours of the bag.

The first four-digit represents the style of the bag. 

Example: 1 8 9 9 (large bag with a long handle).

The next three-digit determines the model of the bag

Followed by the code for Le Pliage line, 0 8 9

And, followed with another last three-digit colour code, represent the colour of the bag

Example: 5 5 6 (navy blue color with the black interior).

The complete for all digits sequence on the tag is 1899 089 556, which means ‘A large Le Pliage bag with a long handle, that comes with the navy blue exterior colour and black interior colour’ 

2) The Material

The authentic Longchamp bag made of super lightweight nylon. It has a matte body surface and barely reflects light. 

However, the fake Longchamp bag has a more shiny finish, not lightweight and can reflect light quite a bit. 

The counterfeiter even uses the colours of nylon bag that never used in Longchamp Le Pliage designs.

3) The Leather

If you look closely on the pattern of the leather flap, the original bag has a highly defined diamond pattern on them, it is relatively straight diagonal lines. 

The fake Longchamp bag has super messy, light-indented fish scale texture (round and uneven pebble-like texture)

On the backside of the leather flap, the jockey logo should perfectly be centred and be indented in. The jockey and horse’s head are pointing to the left. 

The fake one not always on centred and probably the logo can be inverted – the horse and jockey’s head are pointing to the right.

The older models should have a hot-stamped line underneath the logo. 

“But my bag doesn’t have a line under the logo, is it fake?”

Don’t worry, the newer models do not have a line underneath this jockey logo. 

You can even see the hooves of the horse embossed in the leather, together with short hairs to point that it looks smooth.

On the fake Longchamp bag, there is no trace of jockey logo, thus, you will not be able to see the hooves of a horse in the leather. The leather can be seen as light pinkish or brown, which looks like it has no hair. 

When you lift the flap, the underside snap of the bag should have “LONGCHAMP” written twice or ORIGINAL PYRM on them as well. 

However, the counterfeit bag will write a super random word, opposite from the original one. 

3) The Zipper

When comes to zipper and zipper pull, you should take an extra look on their marked, they have ‘YKK’ and ‘T’ on both sides of the zipper. If there is none, the bag is fake.

The round zipper pull usually reads, “LONGCHAMP” on top of the jockey logo and “1948” below them.

Meanwhile, the fake zipper tag probably reads “LONGCHAMP” instead and the font for “1948” could be off.

The zipper on authentic Longchamp bag comes with two colours, gold or charcoal kind of grey colour. For the short-handled bag in Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL), the zipper will be pewter or grey.

You can watch the Youtube video below to learn more about how to spot a fake Longchamp bag.

Where Should I Go to Buy Longchamp Bag?

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