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Looking for branded handbags in Malaysia?

Check out our round-up of the best luxury branded handbags Malaysia every woman should own one (hint: it is actually affordable).

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Why Branded Handbags?

Buying branded handbags nowadays is very common among women. Many of us either own or dream of owning one of the holy-grail designer’s handbags.

When you are walking down the street while holding a Prada handbag, people will eye on it and instantly know what brand it is.

Branded handbags are not merely handbags. It reflects a sense of status, wealth and exclusivity to the one who carries it. In other words, it portrays one’s lifestyle.

Handbags for Women

Regardless of the brand, women and handbags are inseparable. A woman’s life is incomplete without a handbag.

The question is why would women need handbags so much? These are the reasons why women need handbags.

  • Carry personal items

Handbag is very useful to carry personal items everywhere they go. It includes important personal belongings like purse, cards, medicines and make ups.

  • Style statement

Handbag is an important statement for a woman’s style, either break or makes the style. That is why one handbag is never enough.

  • Reflection of one’s status

As aforementioned, handbag is a reflection of one’s status. Thus, branded handbags are very much sought-after by many women.

  • Part of habit

Many women start to use handbag anywhere they go since very young age. It has become part of the habit, that they feel strange and incomplete without it.

Top 30 Handbags

As a guideline, check out these top 30 branded handbags Malaysia. Some of it is affordable, and you can get it from SFUK.my.

1.The Chanel 2.55

handbag malaysia

2. Givenchy’s Antigona

handbag malaysia

3. The Louis Vuitton X Murakami Sologne Bag

handbag malaysia

4. Kate Spade’s Pride and Prejudice Book Clutch

handbag malaysia

5. Proenza Schouler’s Satchel

handbag malaysia

6. Alexander McQueen’s Heroine

7. Stella McCartney’s Falabella

8. Celine’s Phantom Luggage Tote

9. Charlotte Olympia’s Perspex Clutch

10. Valentino’s Rockstud Tote

11. The Mulberry Bayswater

12. Longchamp’s Nylon Le Pliage

13. Givenchy’s Nightingale

14. The Hermes Kelly

15. Gucci’s Monogram Canvas Bag

16. Chloe’s Paraty

17. Yves Saint Lauren’s Muse

18. Coach’s Willis

19. Hermes Birkin

20. Louis Vuitton Speedy

21. Balenciaga Lariat

22. Gucci Micro Guccisima Small Dome Leather

handbag malaysia

23. Anya Hindmarch Build A Bag Base Small

handbag malaysia

24. Alexander Wang Rockie

handbag malaysia

25. Balenciaga Everyday Camera Bag S Allover

handbag malaysia

26. Chloe Nile Minaudiere

handbag malaysia

27. Balenciaga Metallic Edge Mini City

handbag malaysia

28. Chloe Mini Marcie

29. Salvatore Ferragamo Ginny Shoulder Bag

30. Prada Tessuto and Saffiano Nylon Bowling Bag

Straight From the UK

Back in 2013, Straight from UK (SFUK) was born in London, UK. From selling kitchenware brands to branded handbags, SFUK brings you designer handbags straight from UK!

Now, you can get branded handbags with affordable price.

Not only that SFUK also offers more than 500 branded products just for you. From men’s belt to women’s handbags, you can choose from your favourite brand.

Who knows, branded goods can be so affordable. Get a branded handbag Malaysia from SFUK now!

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