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Gucci. The ever so luxurious fashion brand known worldwide.

Style, quality and luxury in check.

The fashion icon.

When Guccio Gucci founded the company in 1921, it started with selling leather bags and luggage. The company back then was well known for its craftsmanship and the foundation was inspired by horseracing.

(GG- Horseracing and Gucci? G Horse and Gucci? Who knows. )

Gucci grew from being a store to a boutique, as we call it now, with hundreds of outlets now opened worldwide.

Gucci is known for selling luxury leather goods and fashion items.

Nowadays, in detail, it has handbags, bags, luggage, apparel (adult and kids), accessories, fragrances, and makeups sold in store. You name it.

This influential brand is loved by everyone especially the ladies. Why?

*clears throat*

The most appealing is the details. Sure, the quality is not as exceptional (almost there!) as Chanel or Louis Vuitton but the details are outstanding.

Their unorthodox designs steal the hearts of women, especially among teens. They find that it values self-expression and the designs also progress up-to-date.

Adding to the point, Gucci makes us women stylish with reputation. Yes, Gucci gives us a reputation as it is now the definition of luxury.

Plus point, owning a Gucci makes people feel successful in being able to afford such expensive items.

Now let’s put that aside, and see where we can get Gucci handbags in Malaysia. Here are 5 places to have a dekko at:

1. Straight from the UK (SFUK)

There’s an interesting history of this company.

SFUK started off as an alternative of the founder to gain a little side income as studying abroad.

They sold kitchenware online where they would buy it in the UK and ship it straight to Malaysia. Thus, the name of the business.

Not long after, a customer requested a Furla handbag and that’s the start of their business now.

Slowly but surely, they progressed from a small business into an enterprise, and now a registered LLP company.

2. Gucci official website

Let’s go back to the primordial. If you don’t trust the authenticity of other websites selling Gucci handbag Malaysia, the safest way to ensure you get what you ordered and no frauds are to buy directly from Gucci’s official website.

The latest designs are first launched and sold there, obviously. So you can be the first to own Gucci handbag Malaysia before anybody else!

(Gucci’s official webpage)

3. Gucci Pavilion KL

Some people just don’t like buying online.

There is this satisfaction of getting to see it with your own eyes before you decide to buy (especially when buying something this expensive and you’ve never seen it!).

If you belong in that group of people, you can get them at Gucci boutiques. The best one in Malaysia has to be the Gucci Pavilion boutique. Super luxurious.

gucci pavillion
(The aesthetic entrance of Gucci Pavilion flagship store)

4. Stylicy

Stylicy sells the latest Fashion & Clothing trends and styles. Trend and style is indeed the word for Gucci, so they do have it there!

This website uses the search engine as a substructure so they’ll look up the items for you from other websites selling it.

That being said, Stylicy is not directly accountable for defects, fall shorts, and other quality and authenticity issues related to the items ordered.

(Stylicy’s webpage of Gucci bags)

5. Reebonz

Imagine this: you have a bag you don’t want anymore and you want a new bag but you don’t have the money for it. Painful, isn’t it?

Fret no more, just go to Reebonz and you can easily buy and sell your luxury handbags (or any merchandise at all) there.

This online platform allows you to buy both new and used luxury items.

They have a physical store too, at LOT 10 Kuala Lumpur!

(Reebonz’s webpage of Gucci bags)

That’s it! All the 5 places or ways mentioned are different from one to another, so you can always go for what you need and prefer.

Want to get the best of both worlds?

Psst! Head on to SFUK if you want Gucci handbags or Prada, or Versace, or Furla.. you want directly from their physical store without having to go there yourself!

Check out our website here for items that are readily available.

Some items are on sale, don’t miss it! Even if it’s not on sale, our Gucci handbag Malaysia prices are still lower than others. 

Looking for something?

Contact us so we’ll find it for you.

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