There are 4 types of people who shop for bags. Let’s take a look and categorized yourself. Which type are you? Any category is fine. There no right or wrong

  • “As Long as It Fit” People
  • Don’t care about the brand or the material
  • Bags are just used to carry things for them.
  • Price range for bags is Below RM1000 (standard & affordable).
  • “Trendy but Thrifty” People
  • Want to look trendy but don’t want to spend so much.
  • Put some importance on quality but don’t mind the brand.
  • Price range for bags is from RM1000 to RM3000.
  • “Keeping Up with Fashion” People
  • Willing to spend a bit more than usual to keep up with latest fashion.
  • More selective on which brands or styles that are currently “in”.
  • Price range for bags is from RM3000 to RM6000.
  • “Money is not an Issue” People
  • Don’t care how expensive the bags are because money is not a problem.
  • Willing to spend more money as long as they get their coveted bag.
  • Price range for bags is from RM7000 and above.

So there you go! Whatever it is be grateful that we are in any of this category. Because there are people out there who cant even afford a plate of rice! Alhamdulillah.

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